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Principal Updates:

Frequently Asked Questions:

For Students & Families

Can I schedule a school visit?

Families, parents, or visitors that wish to visit Gerena School should use the Virtual Main Office, ClassDojo, Email, or Contact Us form to schedule a time to visit.

Where can I find the school calendar?

School Events will be posted on ClassDojo and on the homepage of the Gerena School website. The Springfield Public School calendar can be found on the Springfield Public Schools website.

How do I contact a Staff Member?

Staff Members can be contacted via ClassDojo, Email, or Phone. Please utilize ClassDojo and Email as the main contact methods for students and staff. 

What is the procedure for arrival and dismissal?

Students will be dismissed at designated entrances and exits at Gerena. If a student needs to be dismissed early, please utilize the Virtual Main Office to dismiss your student.

Students & Families: FAQ
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