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We are Gerena:

Mission and Vision Statement

German Gerena Community School will provide a culture of educational excellence where all learners will be challenged, their efforts valued, and high standards of behavior, citizenship and academics are expected. We are a diverse learning community built upon mutual respect and responsibility within a safe environment.

In partnership with the entire community, we will empower every student to achieve at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring, positive, and challenging learning environment.

Instructional Focus


  • We will support students in their use of text evidence to support arguments/ideas through discussion across all content areas.  


  • We will support student in their use of text evidence to demonstrate comprehension as they write across all content areas. 


  • We will provide differentiated instruction and assignments through:

    1. Modified assignments based on students’ needs.

    2. Standards based targeted small group instruction in all content areas based on data.

About Us: About Us
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